Saturday, 21 November 2009

Settling in

I've been in Falmouth just over two months now and feel pleased I've set myself up a cosy corner in our MA studio (pictured below). We have our own secret entrance through a wild bit of garden and the same kind of quiet that most of Falmouth can boast of.
Since being here people keep telling me how it's one of those places one keeps going back to, or not being able to leave... And in a way, I can see that already. For me, it's just being so near the sea all the time- even my job at the hotel takes on this romantic quality, dressed up in black looking out on the bay no matter what the day is like.
Funnily enough, I'm heading to Florida in a mere eleven days for a months holiday (and mine and D's wedding!). While the warmer temperatures (albeit wet!) and palm trees and immense greens make for a sweet change, it's nothing to Florida in December and I can't wait.
More soon x

Our secret path

My studio desk

Draceana palm

A part of a narrative workshop relating to my current project.