Friday, 23 April 2010

Volcanic Ash

It has been an amazing couple weeks in Falmouth- Spring has rolled in smoothly and, even with the biting wind, the outdoors have turned crisp, clear and persistently inviting. Falmouth feels isolated, safe, and sometimes odd. The Volcanic cloud supposedly swept over us a week ago half past midnight and some locals said their cars were dusty in the morning, I don't know if that's true. But when I am walking, or taking a run, along the coast I like to think about that big volcanic cloud, full of ash and fire, floating heavy and slowly over the earth.When you think about that act of nature and others that haven't happened to us yet, the conspirators and palm-readers worried about 2012, the seas slowly getting higher- the ocean becomes a whole different thing.

It looks to me sometimes almost like it did to the Classicists: horrible, chaotic and full of monsters and things we ought not know about.

But on a good day, when I am being brave, it is the best thing there is.

There are lovely things about the other places I have lived or visited. (Edinburgh is a place I find hard not to miss.) But being so near the sea- looking out at it and seeing that it doesn't end- is something that really makes me feel my luckiest. D and I got restless and went for a walk along the beach yesterday. It was windy and choppy and the sea looked deep blue and dangerous. We walked along the rocks from one sandy beach to the other and liked best balancing over the rock-pools and enjoying the parts you can only see in low-tide.

I can't wait for the summer, when the winds (hopefully) die down and we can lay on the beach in the sand and work up enough heat to jump into the cold, cold water.
More soon xx