Thursday, 29 January 2009


Well this first image is my IF submission for the week of course. This week's theme is Climbing. And here is the little one I'm in charge of climbing up the monkey puzzle tree. See, every day we pass the neighbors monkey puzzle tree and talk about the different monkeys in it and what they are doing. She's got the most monkeys, as they have new babies almost every week, usually pink or purple. Mine is white with reddish brown stripes.
Anyway, this week was sweet and full. On Monday, my friend and I went to Glasgow to see Of Montreal. I'll post a video on my youtube page and a link on here soon, but it wouldn't load fast enough just now.
I'll write more this weekend, I'm heading out for a bit soon as today is technically my Friday.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Cower and Pale

So I had a lovely evening over at my friend and collaborator, Sandra DeMatos' flat. She lives in a really great shared boarding with a roman statue to greet you at the door and great big Edinburgh ceilings. An ninety year old man lives under neath and a busy family up the spiraling staircase... you can hear the girl singing loudly as she comes home through the front door. Very weird, a treasure! We drew some and started planning the logistics and feel of our upcoming project. The idea is a cross-section of a house with all the rooms occupied by different aspects of fear and thinking/feeling. The above is just a little sketch called Cower and Pale... which doubles as my IF Submission- the word this week is Pale.
My eager plans for the next years are slowly inching their way together and I feel, these past few days, a real growing state of excitement mixed with contentment. A sort of confidence, I suppose, or hope.
I'll post more soon, I reckon. Truly look forward to this weekend.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Good Sprouts

Good morning! I had a hard time sleeping and felt weary about waking up this Monday morning but now that I've got it going, I'm fine. I am back home just for a quick tea before heading back out to pick up my sweet charge from nursery. Archie is sleeping with his paw hiding his nose on the couch and the sky outside is pouring sleet! The weatherstation said snow for today but I thought it would be like this, very wet and cold! Ah well, if it sticks I'm happy.
Here is a little drawing I did for my friend studying Organic Farming. It's a logo for a pretend-farm company supplying organics to schools. I thought it was a sweet idea though.
I am off again now but look forward to having more work to post this week. Friday I meet with my friend and collaborator, Sandra DeMatos and get our project going- very exciting!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Windy walks/Weekends in

I am in the mind to stay in this weekend. It was a busy week that felt unbelievably long and it seems ages ago that the above video was made. Really it was just 5 days ago. Every Monday I walk Archie (the family dog which I am in charge of when on Nanny duty) and often my friend will accompany me if the weather is nice. It was very much like today,windy, blue and clear and we went up higher than usual and spent the whole two hours I have free being blown around in the sunshine. Lovely! There is more here ( if you fancy.
So, I'm staying in working on drawings and stories and doing some reading. Veg Chili is in the slow-cooker and I am still in my pyjamas. x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

What words contain

I have had a very busy week, full of early mornings and a bit of good news. I am staying in Edinburgh, with full-british permission and have a lot of planning to do from here. But fortunately planning is something I go crazy for and relish in the things when they are made. The winter here has been exactly what the warning said, wetter by the year and pretty much mild and chilly throughout. The snow has never stuck and I don't expect it to. So, though it's missing some of it's whit-winter mystique this season has been surprisingly easy to bear. I'm in this funny mood where I could almost swear that even if the summer never came I wouldn't be hurt. Come back to me in March and perhaps I'll say differently. Here is my IF submission for this week. The word is Contained.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

heavy winter grey

The heavy sky and winter rain today is taking considerable energy out of me. Despite it, I walked Archie through our daily wooded path which was especially muddy and slippery and emerged unscathed and happy to have done it. The rest of my day is to be relatively relaxed, my nanny duties to be carried out til 6 or so and then to the Cameo tonight with a friend. Yes, we're seeing Twilight. Recently too I watched Let The Right One In, a Swedish teen-vampire movie which I expect is a very different note from the blockbuster with the same premise. I recommend that one though.
Here is my IF entry for this week, the word being Resolve. Something I feel familiar with, and the kids do too.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sweet New Year

Though I still have the weekend before heading back to work I certainly feel I am at the last end of my winter holiday. My dear dad heads back to Germany tomorrow early and we are spending tonight as we have the rest of the week: warm by the electric fire, reading, watching films and just spending time. Last night, New Year's Eve, was spent the same way and I loved it like that. Edinburgh's Hogmanay must be shrinking as I only heard about three fireworks the whole night and the whole town seemed fresh and clean today.
I am happy to have the weekend still but actually look forward to getting back to work, taking care of the three girls and fitting back into our daily routines.
Oh, and above is my Illustration Friday for the week, the word is Clandestine.