Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Winter walks

Winter has struck Edinburgh with force today and just in time for the new year it seems. Frost is tipping the leaves of the crawling vines as I am cosy in the comfort of my little granny flat.
The morning was sweet, bright but frigid and I spent it with my Dad (who I am happy to have visiting) having breakfast in Marchmont and then for a walk through the Grange Cemetery.
I now post these Thank You cards I made and managed to pop in the post before the cold really got to us.
Detail of one of the cards.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Out on a limb

And here it is: my Illustration Friday submission for the week with relation to the theme Voices. I am spending my first winter holiday in Edinburgh and am delighted every day so far with the turn out. I have my father with me and we spend the days just strolling. Even without a trace of snow it is stunning for winter, blue lights on the trees and not a soul out. Lovely.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Hand of Burke

I have enjoyed a very busy week just passed and so did not manage my Illustration Friday submission on time. But the word was Similar and I thought it appropriate to post the dry-points prints series from my Degree Show back in June. They were centered very much around twin-hood and fit, though very flexibly, in chronological order.
I had the sweet opportunity to see Edinburgh with the eyes of a holiday-maker as my friend, Sasha, from Florida paid a short visit. We spent the days walking quickly through the cold, making stops for vegetarian Haggis and different sights (including a tiny and not very impressive wallet made from the left hand of William Burke.) We also went on the Ferris Wheel which went much faster than expected and was not the quaint and lovely view of Edinburgh we wished for.
I am more than halfway through my lazy Sunday and expect to spend the rest of the night making holiday cards from the comfort of my tiny couch and preparing for an early rise tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Blue blew away

Here is my IF submission for this week, the word being Balloon.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wind from the North

The increasingly dark days and chilly wind has made me too sleepy to write much but let this image suffice. It's my Illustration Friday submission for the week and the word is Pretend. It's based on a game I played with one of the girls I take care of where we pretended that their little Jack Russell Terrier was a baby. And he played the role surprisingly well!
I have a sweet weekend planned and in a way I look forward to the North Pole current heading our way this weekend. Bringing temperatures down by 10 degrees, they say. It would do me real good if it snowed this winter, I haven't seen Edinburgh bathed in white since the first year I moved here! Here's hoping, as always.

Friday, 14 November 2008

A Real Tea Party

In addition to some website housekeeping (have a look at the changes at www.esargent.com) I found some time to work on the above drawing. I have a sweet job working part-time as a nanny to three girls and one evening we had a tea-party where I managed to do a quick drawing that led to this. I keep tiny sketchbooks which I draw in every day and eventually will have around 6 completed books of this year, summer to summer.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Dog on Wheels

There's nothing like some new tools to motivate some work. Here are a couple brand new pictures- I like how they turned out and there's nothing like the feeling of doing something early in the day, finding it in the evening and being surprised with the outcome. In a way, I look forward to the winter. Staying in and working, with my wee electric fire going, suits me.
I also had a business-power lunch with my lovely classmate, Sandra DeMatos. We are planning a collaboration that will, fingers crossed, culminate into show so I will certainly keep you posted on the works in progress. We hope to get started soon on some samples. She likes ghosts, dreams, monsters, and childhood impressions too so I think it will turn out a treat.
Stay warm and keep your hands busy.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wise Are The Wilds

Well this is my submission for Illustration Friday this week, the word being 'wise'. It is very appropriate that it happens to be the first post at this address, a very good place to start.
Edinburgh is beyond sweet this time of year. The leaves have changed to yellow and are falling to fill the pavements and the bareness of the trees lends a whole new view to admire.
I'll be posting drawings of the city soon, and regularly too, as I am keeping a series of books this year on what could be my last foreseeable one in old Edinburgh.
For previous posts and to see more of my work please do visit www.esargent.com
Goodnight now.