Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Hand of Burke

I have enjoyed a very busy week just passed and so did not manage my Illustration Friday submission on time. But the word was Similar and I thought it appropriate to post the dry-points prints series from my Degree Show back in June. They were centered very much around twin-hood and fit, though very flexibly, in chronological order.
I had the sweet opportunity to see Edinburgh with the eyes of a holiday-maker as my friend, Sasha, from Florida paid a short visit. We spent the days walking quickly through the cold, making stops for vegetarian Haggis and different sights (including a tiny and not very impressive wallet made from the left hand of William Burke.) We also went on the Ferris Wheel which went much faster than expected and was not the quaint and lovely view of Edinburgh we wished for.
I am more than halfway through my lazy Sunday and expect to spend the rest of the night making holiday cards from the comfort of my tiny couch and preparing for an early rise tomorrow.

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red-handed said...

The man holding the tiny babies is magic.