Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weight in Water

So these photos are not the sharpest but I will post better ones soon. I have been invited into to show a few pieces at The Big West Fest art festival at the Whale Art Agency in Wester Hales along with some very good ECA alumni. I have two new paintings going in (shown above) and will show also one from my Degree Show last year. The opening is on Thursday from 18.30-20.00 and I do recommend every one comes and has a look. It's bound to be lovely and looks like an interesting venue too. Here's how to get there.
Back from holiday in Majorca, I got right back in nannying and had a perfect week back. I took the two youngest to the zoo and ran along a bridge together with zebras going under us. We took pictures of every animal and even got a great shot of a hippopotamus yawning (will try and post these soon too).
Along with painting I have kept incredibly busy lately as I am planning a move to Falmouth in just over a month and as I'm starting a Masters there, there is much to do before hand. Looking forward to it immensely and really absorbing my last precious weeks in this city I've grown to see as home. It will be quite something to leave. I've stayed pretty steady put for five years now, and now I have a big haul looking me in the face. I'm looking it right back though and feel good about it.
More soon. x

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red-handed said...

I love the diver, that's really very nice.