Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Edinburgh, I'm taking you with me.

I'll make this short. I am writing from the middle of my final hours as nanny to an enormously lovely family and these days are truly bitter sweet. Tomorrow, D and I take off on a two day road trip to Falmouth, filled to the brim with excitement and in a lot of ways mystery. But then, those are nearly the same thing.
Edinburgh is sunny with a perfect scottish breeze today, like a parting kiss, and my eyes are sore from squinting as I walk- as if looking harder than usual will keep the memories of this town fresher in mind!
Boy oh boy, what a change is in store!
Next time I write I'll either be somewhere on the way down the length of the country or settling in Falmouth.
Here's to you Edinburgh, you've been perfect.


red-handed said...

That was lovely ... have a great trip, Elizabeth!

Miss Talseth said...

Hey Lizzy!
Have a great new journey, and I have to say I recognize myself in your drawing! I'm sad not to have seen you before I left, so I hope we can meet again somewhere in the future. I will at least follow your steps here, as I love the way you express yourself! And let me know if you should ever drop by Norway;)