Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wind from the North

The increasingly dark days and chilly wind has made me too sleepy to write much but let this image suffice. It's my Illustration Friday submission for the week and the word is Pretend. It's based on a game I played with one of the girls I take care of where we pretended that their little Jack Russell Terrier was a baby. And he played the role surprisingly well!
I have a sweet weekend planned and in a way I look forward to the North Pole current heading our way this weekend. Bringing temperatures down by 10 degrees, they say. It would do me real good if it snowed this winter, I haven't seen Edinburgh bathed in white since the first year I moved here! Here's hoping, as always.

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Miss Talseth said...

Hello dear Lizzie! Long time no see, although it feels like yesterday I saw you in our old studio it was very refreshing to find your lovely blog and see your new drawings! Where are you staying in Edinburgh these days?