Thursday, 13 November 2008

Dog on Wheels

There's nothing like some new tools to motivate some work. Here are a couple brand new pictures- I like how they turned out and there's nothing like the feeling of doing something early in the day, finding it in the evening and being surprised with the outcome. In a way, I look forward to the winter. Staying in and working, with my wee electric fire going, suits me.
I also had a business-power lunch with my lovely classmate, Sandra DeMatos. We are planning a collaboration that will, fingers crossed, culminate into show so I will certainly keep you posted on the works in progress. We hope to get started soon on some samples. She likes ghosts, dreams, monsters, and childhood impressions too so I think it will turn out a treat.
Stay warm and keep your hands busy.

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Anonymous said...

Lizzy! These are are gorgeous! I look forward to your winter-time fruits!

love from Berlin,