Thursday, 2 April 2009

Poised for spring

Hello all!
Well it's gloriously sunny and mild outside today and it's also my last day of work before Spring holidays. I made the decision last minute and booked tickets to visit my darling twin sister in Berlin. I haven't seen her properly in ages and much longer since it's been just the two of us, so naturally I'm bursting with excitement!
Because it's cheaper and quicker, I am taking the train to Glasgow Airport early tomorrow morning, which means an especially early night tonight. It will be fun to leave the house around 5, probably just as the sun is thinking about coming up, and my dear friend is taking me all the way there too. I truly can't wait! The girls I take care of are also going on holiday and everytime you mention the aeroplane they look fit to explode... while my enthusiasm is considerably slighter for the aeroplane itself, I feel nearly as joyous about the holiday away.
I know I haven't written in over a week and realise now that I haven't mentioned some very exciting news! I found out recently that I have been accepted into the MA Authorial Illustration course at University College Falmouth! So that means that I'll be moving down to tiny and lovely Falmouth come September. It's another big change but I am certainly looking forward to it. I've not been to Falmouth before, but I have spent a summer farming in Cornwall and it was the sweetest summer I've ever had. I've been fanatically looking at maps of the area and reading about it. The course is really exciting too and I'm so happy to be in the position again to be making plans, arranging possibilities. Hurray!
Needless to say, I anticipate actually leaving Edinburgh will be bittersweet, but I'll be cultivating the sweet until then.
Anyway, here is my Illustration Friday submission, the word this week is Poise.
It's also a little salute to my twin, in the excitement of my imminent arrival. Tomorrow!


Lamby Bloo said...

love the humour..
nicely done...

Kacey said...

haha! Love the addition of animals!