Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Tale of Big Foot Bess

I have been waking up this week truly bright, early and ready for very full days. The sun has been decisively out and though the hills are hazy, the meadows remain crisp, clear and already sprouting with sun-bathers. It is a precarious position in Scotland to have your moods dependant on the weather but even though I do feel I'm getting better with that I must admit I've been in a pretty ridiculous state of mind. Cheerful, productive, romantic... Spring-time really makes me gush like a disney movie.
Yesterday I volunteered with a friend at the nursery school here. We dug out worms from the compost and rescued slugs for the children to play with. It was sweet them putting their tiny hands out to cradle these huge,green slugs! And of course, it was the perfect type of day to help in a garden.
This week's Illustration Friday is for the word Legendary. So above is my tall-tale poster, written and of course illustrated by yours truly. I hope you can read it okay (click the image to view large on page). It's a story of a little baby with mighty, strong feet who's temper tantrum creates a mountain range.
On the topic, my friend said something this week: He said, " I really think that legends came as answers to children's questions."
Let's hope these clear days last. x


red-handed said...

And who wouldn't love a big-foot baby?

Coreopsis said...

Fun story with great pictures. I hope all the slug-holding kiddies love it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good crop of sun bathers already sprouting in the meadows this year.