Sunday, 14 June 2009


After a real feeling of ambition and good ideas for the following week, I swiftly caught a bug going round and basically felt and acted rubbish all week. Though just a minor down it really pointed out to me how much I rely on my good health and while I do make an effort towards upkeep I need to get a grip on how to manage downfalls with a better outlook. Nothing serious. I worked, while not playing big games with the kids- did my duties, and slept while at home.
It is Sunday now and I am really excited about going for my first exercise outing all week really- a bike ride with D to Gorgie City Farm for the youngest's birthday party. Here's hoping we beat the rain!
On Friday, I had a couple hours extra nannying to do and brought along some kit for monoprinting to do with the girls. We had a sweet time and they made some really great prints. I'll see if I'm able to post some of theirs later as I really think the second eldest in particular had a knack for it. It's perfect for kids really because the mess and the rolling-action over the paper, and pulling it up to see the result really appeals. There's something to it because it's a bit of a surprise. Sometimes plain drawing can be a bit anti-climactic for them.
We used a sheet of slightly corrugated plastic, gouache paints, copy paper and a rolling pin. xx

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