Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Greener Pastures

Dear readers,
I have truly enjoyed getting into the swing of things on this address BUT I write now to let you know that I am moving. My new blog (which, you'll be pleased to know is the same but better) is at tumblr- due to it better suiting the needs of what I want this site to be.
So please follow me now at elizabethandays.tumblr.com
The best thing is that I will soon be featuring guest-bloggers which could, easily, be you. I very much encourage your input, telling your personal take on Elizabethan Days.
Also, If you are not a tumblr person then please do stay in touch with me and my work via facebook.
My new blog will update instantly to facebook so doing so is made easy for you. I like a good spoon-feeding.
Lots of love,
Elizabeth xx

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