Monday, 16 March 2009

Cycloptic Myopia

Good morning! Here is the brand new piece for Hungry, Hungry Ghost's new E.P., Cycloptic Myopia. It shall be released on 12 May and I believe will be a digital release accompanying the full-length album, Sleeping English, of which I also did the artwork. All information on these and the band can be found here.
Also, the piece, in larger format can be found here, on my main site. I recently made some changes so do have a look.
There! Morning promotion!
I have the morning off so am taking a slow breakfast and moseying around before I head out into the rain. But I do love days like these, when the weather doesn't get to me, when the rain really is just rain. I like it really, because it reminds me that I really live here and that Edinburgh is just what it should be.
Enjoy! x


red-handed said...

Cooler than hungry, hungry hippos (if that's possible).

alice said...

super smart, i love it