Friday, 13 March 2009

Intricately One

Yesterday was great! The day went sweetly, had a really fun yoga class, got off work early and ran errands with my darling. And in the end, it was crisp and clear despite a rainy night and morning. Edinburgh is lovely in the fog and rain but there's really something special and regal when the sun finally comes out. Some weekends are better than others and I'm really excited about this one. I'm feeling productive and bright, relaxed, responsible. I finished the illustration for Hungry,Hungry Ghost's digital release E.P. and I'll put it up on my site when it's released.
Randan Discotheque is playing at the Wee Red Bar (ECA) tonight and I'll certainly be there. I really like watching them play and the songs are great, especially the heartbreak ones. Heartbreak ones are always my favourites.
Above is my Illustration Friday for this week, right on time. The word is Intricate.

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Alex said...

I really love this.