Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sweet New Year

Though I still have the weekend before heading back to work I certainly feel I am at the last end of my winter holiday. My dear dad heads back to Germany tomorrow early and we are spending tonight as we have the rest of the week: warm by the electric fire, reading, watching films and just spending time. Last night, New Year's Eve, was spent the same way and I loved it like that. Edinburgh's Hogmanay must be shrinking as I only heard about three fireworks the whole night and the whole town seemed fresh and clean today.
I am happy to have the weekend still but actually look forward to getting back to work, taking care of the three girls and fitting back into our daily routines.
Oh, and above is my Illustration Friday for the week, the word is Clandestine.


Larry Lee said...

Gotta watch those penguins. They're like that.

Bean Collins said...

I really love the signpost. It really makes the drawing. Penguin Parade! Who wouldn't want to go to that?

red-handed said...

Jan-Feb-Mar ... the three horsemen of routine. Here's to doing more with less.