Thursday, 29 January 2009


Well this first image is my IF submission for the week of course. This week's theme is Climbing. And here is the little one I'm in charge of climbing up the monkey puzzle tree. See, every day we pass the neighbors monkey puzzle tree and talk about the different monkeys in it and what they are doing. She's got the most monkeys, as they have new babies almost every week, usually pink or purple. Mine is white with reddish brown stripes.
Anyway, this week was sweet and full. On Monday, my friend and I went to Glasgow to see Of Montreal. I'll post a video on my youtube page and a link on here soon, but it wouldn't load fast enough just now.
I'll write more this weekend, I'm heading out for a bit soon as today is technically my Friday.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to climb the monkey puzzle tree.

Miss Talseth said...

Hellooo! Good to see (or read) that you're doing good:) Can't wait to see what you and Sandra will do together- I have no problems imagining it to be a beautiful cooperation, and am waiting in excitement... I'm hoping we can catch up soon, maybe I'll bump into you at Sandra's, or if you're around Morningside, drop in to the Rocket café and I'll get you a good coffee!

red-handed said...

I wonder ... are monkeys ever afraid of heights?