Wednesday, 7 January 2009

heavy winter grey

The heavy sky and winter rain today is taking considerable energy out of me. Despite it, I walked Archie through our daily wooded path which was especially muddy and slippery and emerged unscathed and happy to have done it. The rest of my day is to be relatively relaxed, my nanny duties to be carried out til 6 or so and then to the Cameo tonight with a friend. Yes, we're seeing Twilight. Recently too I watched Let The Right One In, a Swedish teen-vampire movie which I expect is a very different note from the blockbuster with the same premise. I recommend that one though.
Here is my IF entry for this week, the word being Resolve. Something I feel familiar with, and the kids do too.

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red-handed said...

I like how angry (really angry, like pirate-angry) she is against the sedate backdrop.