Friday, 23 January 2009

Cower and Pale

So I had a lovely evening over at my friend and collaborator, Sandra DeMatos' flat. She lives in a really great shared boarding with a roman statue to greet you at the door and great big Edinburgh ceilings. An ninety year old man lives under neath and a busy family up the spiraling staircase... you can hear the girl singing loudly as she comes home through the front door. Very weird, a treasure! We drew some and started planning the logistics and feel of our upcoming project. The idea is a cross-section of a house with all the rooms occupied by different aspects of fear and thinking/feeling. The above is just a little sketch called Cower and Pale... which doubles as my IF Submission- the word this week is Pale.
My eager plans for the next years are slowly inching their way together and I feel, these past few days, a real growing state of excitement mixed with contentment. A sort of confidence, I suppose, or hope.
I'll post more soon, I reckon. Truly look forward to this weekend.

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red-handed said...

He looks very Biblical ... is there a room for wrath? Good luck with the big project -- they add arc to life!