Thursday, 15 January 2009

What words contain

I have had a very busy week, full of early mornings and a bit of good news. I am staying in Edinburgh, with full-british permission and have a lot of planning to do from here. But fortunately planning is something I go crazy for and relish in the things when they are made. The winter here has been exactly what the warning said, wetter by the year and pretty much mild and chilly throughout. The snow has never stuck and I don't expect it to. So, though it's missing some of it's whit-winter mystique this season has been surprisingly easy to bear. I'm in this funny mood where I could almost swear that even if the summer never came I wouldn't be hurt. Come back to me in March and perhaps I'll say differently. Here is my IF submission for this week. The word is Contained.


RCurrier said...

You must have a Warm fire to sit by that keeps your winter spirits high -- send some to Oregon! Great news on your immigration status. Can't wait to hear what's next for you guys.

Bean Collins said...

I especially like the texture of the shirt on the left. Very free looking!