Saturday, 17 January 2009

Windy walks/Weekends in

I am in the mind to stay in this weekend. It was a busy week that felt unbelievably long and it seems ages ago that the above video was made. Really it was just 5 days ago. Every Monday I walk Archie (the family dog which I am in charge of when on Nanny duty) and often my friend will accompany me if the weather is nice. It was very much like today,windy, blue and clear and we went up higher than usual and spent the whole two hours I have free being blown around in the sunshine. Lovely! There is more here ( if you fancy.
So, I'm staying in working on drawings and stories and doing some reading. Veg Chili is in the slow-cooker and I am still in my pyjamas. x

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red-handed said...

Um, I won't be doing *that* again (following your link to Youtube) because it was *completely* addicting and I lost a big, wide bit of my morning just jumping from movie to movie, watching you explain your shrouded hills and grey, gothic streets. Very charming, Liz. (As for Stags and Hens, I should explain the tradition of "socials" to you sometime.)