Monday, 19 January 2009

Good Sprouts

Good morning! I had a hard time sleeping and felt weary about waking up this Monday morning but now that I've got it going, I'm fine. I am back home just for a quick tea before heading back out to pick up my sweet charge from nursery. Archie is sleeping with his paw hiding his nose on the couch and the sky outside is pouring sleet! The weatherstation said snow for today but I thought it would be like this, very wet and cold! Ah well, if it sticks I'm happy.
Here is a little drawing I did for my friend studying Organic Farming. It's a logo for a pretend-farm company supplying organics to schools. I thought it was a sweet idea though.
I am off again now but look forward to having more work to post this week. Friday I meet with my friend and collaborator, Sandra DeMatos and get our project going- very exciting!

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